World of Tanks Review

World of Tanks Review

Genre: MMO Action
Developer: Wargaming

World of Tanks is a free to play World War 2 game that is both a historically detailed tank simulator, as well as an action packed war combat game.

World of Tanks is a game where loads of tanks shoot at each other in a battlefield, trying to stay alive in your tank, and kill enemy tanks. No brainer war shit right there.

There are 2 basic game types:
1. Random Battle
2. Team Battle

In Random Battle mode, you have your team, your enemy team, a map and flags.

In Team Battle mode, where you can create your guild, and work together to gain property and money, like a typical warring guild doing its thing.

The game pretty much goes like this:

  • You select a tank in your garage. There’s 100s of tanks to choose from.
  • You can select tanks according to how you’d prefer to play. It typically works like this: light tanks, as you’d expect, go faster, shoot shorter range; heavy tanks go slower, shoot further range. That’s in a nutshell. Obviously, each tank has its own characteristics, and one of the perks of the game is the huge variety of tanks you can choose from to play around with.
  • The more you play, the more you can accumulate credits, research points and gold.
  • Research Points let you buy new tanks, ammo and stuff.
  • Credits also let you buy new tanks, ammo and stuff, but in different way.
  • Gold is World of Tanks‘ business model. If you play free to play, you get no gold. If you pay World of Tanks some money, you get gold. Gold lets you buy better tanks, ammo and other stuff faster.
  • You can also buy more powerful weaponry so that you can upgrade your killing ability. Why kill in two hits when you can kill in one hit? That’s the thinking behind buying gold.
  • In Team Battle mode, when you start on the battlefield, you’ll see your guild of tanks surrounding you. You’ll see shapes above the tanks. For example, diamonds represent light tanks, which are for scouting enemy positions. Squares are for artillery, which has heavy duty firepower to take out enemy tanks most effectively. Diamonds with slashes in them represent medium and heavy tanks respectively. Upside-down diamonds represent special artillery tanks called “tank destroyers.”

Well, you get the picture. Like with all the “World of..” war games, World of Tanks is pure, straight up action from the moment the game loads up. It’s for people who want to simply choose a tank, choose a guild, and start blowing up other tanks. If you have a thing for tanks, cannons, blowing stuff up, then this is definitely your game.


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Genre: MMO Action
Developer: Wargaming

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