What Are the Most Important Gaming Features in 2014?


In ancient times, when Pong and later Space Invaders were at gaming’s center stage, no one would talk about even graphics being anything of a big deal. The fact that video games even came into existence, and that arcade games could then come onto a console, was all the hype, and most of all, it was the simple, but challenging, gameplay of those early games that was the key “feature” in gaming.

As gaming technology progressed, gamers became more impressed with the increasing quality of graphics, but you could never trade one for another: better graphics at the expense of the then long loading times was never looked welcomingly upon.

Fast forward a few more years over the turn of the millenium, and you’ve got the Internet’s social revolution taking off. You weren’t just playing against the bots or on LAN connections with your friends anymore, but against worldwide communities. The types of communities surrounding each game then gained growing importance.

Now, in 2014, there is the example of CryTek, the creators of one of the most advanced gaming graphics engine, going bankrupt, and with all the time, energy and resources going into big games today, each game becomes a continuously updating service in and of itself. Today, we live in the era of “games as a service,” where in-game purchases, frequently updated downloadable content, long tutorial and guide experiences just to get started with certain games, and a whole array of options, like tournament, deathmatch, co-op teamplay, achievements, daily quests and more make many of today’s game long time investments. All this raises the question:

What’s the most important gaming feature in 2014?

What attracts you the most? Is it gameplay over graphics, community over speed, the ability to play co-op or deathmatch modes, or tournaments? What else?  

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