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Top 10 World of Warships Tips and Guides for Beginners

Genre: Action, MMO
Developer: Wargaming

1. World of Warships Guides

This specific link is to a “World of Warships Basic Guide,” but there are links at the bottom of the page to in-depth guides for each of the game’s aspects: Individual guides for new players, USN and IJN battleships overview, a destroyer newbie guide, a torpedo reaction times list, a spotting mechanics guide, an immunity zone explanation, a match maker information guide, a damage mechanics guide, a detailed carrier guide, and much more. This set takes the cake for most detailed and accessible written guides for World of Warships.


2. Crash Course on How to Make a Difference in a World of Warships Team

A rare guide for teamwork enhancement rather than just individual enhancement. Anyone serious about taking World of Warships to a new level would do well to find themselves a team and read through this guide.


3. The “Bad Advice” Series – 10 Pieces of Bad Advice on How to Play an Aircraft Carrier

A 2-part series of posts clearing up misconceptions people have when it comes to the carrier. Myths like the need for aircraft carriers to remain still all the time, the need to keep them parked in the corner of the map, that they cannot shoot planes down, the need to “multitask” attacks on the enemy, the need to destroy only battleship, and others are dispelled in this engaging deuce.


4. The “Bad Advice” Series – Destroyers

Should destroyers get as close as possible before launching torpedoes? Should destroyers get to the capture points first and engage any enemy that tries to take it from them? Should you only focus on torpedoing the enemy, or should you use a variety of guns? Learn from bad advice made good.


5. The “Bad Advice” Series – Battleships

Should battleships be the first ship to engage the enemy? Should battleships be used as snipers since their guns have some of the furthest reach? Are battleships the default leaders in the warzone?


6. The “Bad Advice” Series – Cruisers

Should you use all cruisers the same? Do cruisers have a loophole of being able to be the sole ships to win wars with? Should cruisers be used to do “spam shelling” due to their high ammunition capacity?


7. Handy Warships Tips and Tricks

Redditer JudgeRetribution put together a good go-to list for World of Warships tips and tricks. Included in the list are must-know World of Warships keyboard shortcuts, advice on working with destroyers and carriers, aiming advice and other general advice.


8. World of Warships – Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

A 40+ minute video “sail-through” of World of Warships tips and tricks, with a focus on ship roles and tactics. Learn where to situate and move destroyers, battleships, cruisers and carriers.


9. World of Warships Tips for Combat

A short post covering points for beginners to get a grasp of World of Warships combat. Tips include basic ship terminology, how to lead your targets, how to use the terrain, how to survive naval combat and more.

Genre: Action, MMO
Developer: Wargaming

10. World of Warships New Player Guide

Tips on movement and firing, whether to go armor-piercing or high-explosive rounds, sticking together, dodging incoming fire, torpedoes and torpedo bombers, and more.


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