Top 10 Guild Wars 2 Tips, Tricks and Guides Resources for Beginners to Intermediates | Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 Tips

1. Guild Wars 2 Wiki

The Guild Wars 2 Wiki is the Guild Wars 2 tips encyclopedia. It’s a collection of tips submitted by players, always updating, on every important aspect of the game.


2. Tips for a Guild Wars 2 Noob

This thread in the Guild Wars 2 forum boasts Guild Wars 2 community getting in on the effort of supplying newbie tips. Here you’ll find tips on the best solo classes, on understanding dungeons from a different perspective, the benefits of joining a guild, what is solo-able and what isn’t, the importance of setting your own game goals, and much more.


3. Tips and Tricks Every Guild Wars 2 Player Should Know

A list of 20 Guild Wars 2 tips and tricks that you can scan within seconds. Worth the quick read.


4. Shin’s Top 10 Tips for New Guild Wars 2 Players

A video walkthrough covering 3 game modes, picking a server choice based on friends interest, the importance of learning your weapon skills early in the game, your personal story, exploring, gathering and crafting, experimenting, and more.


5. Guild Wars 2 Starter Guide by IGN

An introduction to a few Guild Wars 2 quirks, which also answers some beginner questions. Focuses on character creation, traveling and map features, combat, guilds and friends, crafting, PvP, chat and GUI as well as a few starter hints.


6. Reddit’s New Player Zone for Guild Wars 2

A great community resource for getting tips on Guild Wars 2. Plenty of links to tips and guides on what to do when you’re getting started, as well as plenty of in-game tips and tricks guides. One of the most definitive Guild Wars 2 resources on the web.


7. Dulfy’s Guild Wars 2 Tips and Tricks for New Players

33 tips for Guild Wars 2 newbies laid out in a practical, easy-to-understand way with screenshots and clear guidance on action items that can be carried out.


8. New Players’ Introductory Guide to Guild Wars 2

IntoTheMists’ newbie breakdown of Guild Wars 2. Probably the best designed guide in this mix 🙂 You’ll find info on servers, races, professions as well as starting tips.


9. The Beginner & Intermediate Player’s Guide to Movement and Combat in Guild Wars 2

A guide worth returning to over and over when dealing with settings, on ranged and melee combat, fundamentals of combat and doing damage as well as miscellaneous combat concepts.


10. Top 10 Tips for New Guild Wars 2 Players

Developer: ArenaNet

Bog Otter’s Top 10 tips for new Guild Wars 2 players include how to get bags for your inventory, how to get gathering tools before level 9, what the quests actually are, how to get loot, experiences and resources competition-free, hotkeys tips, and much more.


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