7 Of The Worst Fallout 4 News Stories This Week [2 Of Them Are Not Even About Fallout 4!]

Fallout 4 Came Out. Is There Really Any Other News?


Fallout 4 Meme

Before November 10 – Waiting for Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Confirmed

After November 10 – Fallout 4 Confirmed

Fallout 4 Twitter

Fallout 4 - Steam Spy

Fallout 4 - JayDukes

Fallout 4 - I'm Going To Fail Classes!

Fallout 4 Isabelle

Fallout 4 Tweets

Fallout 4 - Taylor Swift

Fallout 4 - Gamma Gamers

 Fallout 4 Does This Glitch


Besides Fallout 4, This Gaming Artist Took A Year Off School To Make Every Single Artwork For A Friend’s Board Game: Here’s Some Of The Art

Gaming artist, RockyHammer, announced that he took a year off school to make all the art for a friend’s board game, Dragon Racer.

Check Out RockyHammer’s Artwork from Dragon Racer Here »

Play the game, Dragon Racer, here:

Follow RockyHammer for more of his artwork updates here:

Here is one of Addiktz’ favorites from his set:

Rockyhammer - Artwork for Dragon Racer


Also, Aside from Fallout 4, The New Tomb Raider Looks Bloody Awesome



Back to Fallout 4, It Beat GTA5’s Record on Steam for Concurrent Users

Shoutout to Sherif Saed of VG247 for pointing out this most valuable fact.


And While We’re Talking About Fallout 4, Codsworth Can Say Over 1,000 Names

Unfortunately, Trevor isn’t one of them. Edwin Garcia put in some serious efforts making this list at Nerdist.


Also, Fallout 4’s First Few Hours of Streaming Shows How Much Twitch Kicks YouTube Gaming’s Ass When It Comes to Streaming

Bloomberg did a nice job of putting together this graph to show this fact.


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