Do You Have What It Takes to be a Pro Gamer While Studying at University and Playing Sports? SL1DE Does…


In “SL1DE: Inside Na’Vi’s World of Tanks team,” Red Bull gives a snapshot of insight into how Dmitry “SL1DE” Frishman’s professional gaming life blends with his university studies and interest in sports. SL1DE is a World of Tanks pro gamer, playing in one of the game’s top teams, Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) since 2013.

SL1DE is a living example of how an organized, goal oriented approach to gaming can lead to gaming becoming your profession in addition to studies and other hobbies.

However, he doesn’t undermine the time that a pro gamer needs to dedicate to gaming in order to go pro, as he states:

Being a pro gamer is not the same as playing computer games after work. As a pro gamer, you train 7, 8, 9, 10 hours per day.

Moreover, SL1DE highlights how the more successful you become as a pro gamer, the more distractions come from the outcomes of the success:

A pro gamer has many responsibilities: we give interviews, we talk to fans, sign autographs and take pictures. Sometimes it’s not easy and it distracts from playing. And you play worse.

Thus, as SL1DE describes earlier in the video, a high amount of focus on what you can influence in yourself and your team is a must for continued pro gaming success.

SL1DE also discusses how he encountered the common pro gamer obstacle: parents unsupportive of gaming as a choice of profession. Cutting to the chase, when his parents saw his good results coming from the tournaments, then they started supporting him. Not just from seeing his passion for gaming, but also by seeing that eSports has a future.

When I started playing tournaments, my family didn’t really understand and didn’t support my hobby. The most important thing for my parents was that I was good at school. In fact, I was good at school, and besides that, I played. They started supporting me when I started participating in the tournaments and showing good results. They understood that it was very interesting for me, and that eSport has a future. Now my family is supporting me, and they watch all my tournaments. Even my grandfather skipped his weekend vacation to watch me at the grand finals.

Watch the Video: SL1DE: Inside Na’Vi’s World of Tanks Team


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