6 Ways to Maximize Ratatoskr’s Damage | Smite

Ratatoskr | Smite

Genre: MOBA
Developer: Hi-Rez Studios

Ratatoskr, Smite‘s mischievous little hit-and-runner, got an overhaul by Red Bull and Titan coach Job “CaptCoach” Hilbers in “How to make maximum mischief as Smite’s Ratatoskr.” Here is a summary of the 6 ways CaptCoach recommends to maximize Ratatoskr’s effectiveness:

1. Best Position = Jungle

Ratatoskr has a high base movement speed, and his abilities provide him with great gank potential due to the bursty nature of his abilities.

2. Most Effective Combo = Acorn Flurry to Dart Dash

Ratatoskr’s most effective combo is to land Flurry of Acorns, after which you use the dart to dash through your enemy and ensure that all acorns hit them. After that you can either dash through your enemy again or use Acorn Blast, after which you dash out. Due to this combo, his low health and the bursty nature of his abilities, you really want to make sure you play him with a get-in, burst, get-out playstyle.

3. Playstyle = Run & Gun With High Damage Priority Over Defense

Being a small squirrel, Ratatoskr is all about hit-and-run. He has a very low health pool, and thus no matter how much armor or lifesteal he has, he will get squashed if caught.

4. Best Build Path = Yellow Acorn into Opal Acorn

This build path increases your burst potential, and in the lategame it allows you to kill your enemies within a split second.

Due to to Opal Acorn you want to build crit items on him, such as Deathbringer, Rage and Malice, to ensure in-hand effects. Other than that a regular jungle build suffices but with one single change. Where you’d start with Bumba’s Mask, Warrior Tabi, and Jotunn’s Wrath, replace Jotunn’s with Titan’s Bane, as the cooldown reduction you’ll receive from the Opal Acorn won’t stack. Since you already have CDR, it’s better to build a penetration item first, so Titan’s Bane or Brawler’s Beatstick depending on their team composition.

5. Top Enemy Fit = Mages and Assassins

He is most useful against mages, especially the less mobile ones, but also other assassins. Due to his burst potential, and lack of defense or sustain you should look to avoid tankier targets such as guardians, warriors, and bulky build assassins.

Coincidentally, however, assassins and mages who can instantly burst or blow Ratatoskr up are a big weakness to him as well, or those gods who can assure that they can keep him at a distance.

6. Top Team Fit = Gods With Easy to Confirm Crowd Control

Someone who can hold another god in place. Ratatoskr is typically a hard carry, so you want to build your team around confirming his damage – to a certain degree, of course.

Genre: MOBA
Developer: Hi-Rez Studios

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