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4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Twitch Stream

1. What Need Is Your Twitch Stream Aiming to Fulfill?

For instance, is your stream intended to entertain? To instruct? Do you intend to run it mainly for one game, lots of games, or some other form of game-related streaming?

Not only in relation to the audience, but also in relation to yourself: If you already have an established presence on the Internet, then where do you see the Twitch stream fitting into your total online presence? What need does your stream aim to fulfill for your own presence?

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2. How Will Your Twitch Stream Aim to Fulfill This Need?

This should become your initial plan for how you intend to be entertaining and/or educational in one or more games.

3. Are There Other Streams Aiming to Fulfill the Same Need Your Twitch Stream Is? If Yes, What Are They?

Here, you should be well aware of what is already out there and running. It is worth spending a good amount of time researching to get a full picture of what streams are already running that do what you set out to do.

4. How Will Your Twitch Stream Fulfill Those Above Needs Better Than Existing Twitch Streams?

This is the point where, after you have worked your concept, your plan, and researched what else is out there doing what you aim to do, you should revise all of the above, and really think how can you offer something unique, or in addition, to what is already out there?

What are your strengths? One way to find your strengths is to think back to any compliments that other people have made on you in any way, either within gaming, or on your skills, talents and personality in general. It is a good idea to list these qualities, skills and talents and then see how you can emphasize them in your stream, whether in your commentary, or your focus on a particular detail that others do not focus on.

The answers to the above questions will help you strategize your approach to setting up your Twitch channel. Also, it might just be at this point that you find you do not have strong enough answers to justify investing in a Twitch stream at this point, which is also a good discernment to reach by scrutinizing this process before you set out on your Twitch streaming dreams and find them to not give the returns you initially imagined.

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