10 Travian Kingdoms Tips, Tricks And Guides Collections That Will Guide You To Kick Travian Ass | Travian: Kingdoms

Travian: Kingdoms Tips

Genre: Real Time Strategy
Developer: Travian Games

1. Travian Strategy Guide

Travian Strategy Guide is both a website and a book written by an elite Travian player on an elite Travian team, giving away tips on how he and his team went to the top of the Travian ranks. This is the shit!


2. Tips 4 Travian is a website dedicated to providing all kinds of tips for Travian. You’ll find all kinds of information about Travian chiefing, Travian’s recognition for one year of service, honorable chiefing, farm chiefing, and more.


3. Travian: Kingdoms Blogspot Blog

This Travian: Kingdoms Blogspot blog contains mostly posts for analysis on the game. But you’ll also find tips here. For example, tips on building kingdoms, kings, influence, the chat system, and more.


4. Travian Subreddit

To be honest, there isn’t a wealth of tips, tricks and guides on Travian: Kingdoms on the web. Therefore, it’s good to refer back to places that get updated by users. The first of these we’re recommending is the Travian subreddit.


5. Travian Usable Items

A short overview of usable items in Travian, including the book of wisdom, tablets of law, ointment, cage, small bandages, artwork, scroll, bandages and water bucket.


6. What Should You Spend Hero Points On?

It is what it says it is: a guide for how to level up your hero, based on the different starting races.


7. Travian Detailed Romans Guide

A detailed guide for how to work with Romans, from things you should know before getting started, to recommendations for Roman dealings one day after the next, as well as tips on defence, cats, zero popping threats, prioritizing villages, early teutons. At the bottom of the article are myriad Travian articles with more tips and guides.


8. Travian: Strategies for Beginners

A forum thread on Neoseeker with all kinds of beginner strategy providing information.


9. How to Get the Most Culture Points Building

Travian Hint provides many tips and guides on how to better advance in Travian. This particular page contains a table guide of culture points you get for different buildings, and their correlations to max levels and total costs, added in just for an example of Travian Hint’s wealth.

Genre: Real Time Strategy
Developer: Travian Games

10. Travian Wikia

The Travian Wikia contains information on every aspect of the game: resources, infrstructure, military, buildings, troops, tribes, versions as well as miscellaneous information.


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