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Aion Tips

Developer: NCSOFT


1. Aion Online Game Guide

A fairly detailed Aion game guide with tips and tricks on gliding, leveling, vendors, crafting, inventory – cube, and in-game screen tips.


2. Aion Online Game Tips

In case you miss the internal link from the above page, here is the direct link to the in-game screen tips. Dozens of quick tips worth scanning through to gain tips for improvement.


3. 13 Things To Know Before Playing Aion

For people just getting started with Aion Online, go through these 13 tips in order to learn why you should start collecting and harvesting early, why you should equip your titles, tips on how to relate to manastones, clothing upgrades, the cube, resting, finding a group, power shards, locating areas and NPCs and more.


4. Beginner’s Tips for New Aion Players – Welcome to Atreia!

Dozens of quick tips for new Aion players including what to do at level 10 after you complete your Ascension quest, why you should use the Fast Track server, the different colors for different quests, profession leveling and a lot more.


5. Aion: The Tower of Eternity – Tips, Tricks and Hints

A video guide for beginners with tips, tricks and hints on what to do in the early quests.


6. Aion 4.7 Tips & Tricks Pt. I [Movement & PvP Combat]

A fun one. Learn about PvP on Aion in this entertaining Aion video guide.


7. Tips and Tricks for the Free-to-Play Aion

Tips and tricks in the form of a Q&A with Adam Christenson, Aion’s producer. Questions are answered on level cap increases, new zones/instances, housing and mounts.


8. Engadget’s Aion Tips Archive

Scroll through these quickly understandable headings to find tips that you can integrate into your Aion arsenal.


9. Aion Tips and Tricks – Regias Corps

A forum thread of Aion tips and tricks. You’ll find keyboard shortcuts, info and tips on the steel rake on the Fast-Track server, asmo radar, enchantment, inventory fast greater stigma quests, and more.


10. LEET Lessons: Aion (Strategy, Tricks & Tips)

Developer: NCSOFT

LEET Lessons covers Aion in 5 minutes breaking down nifty attack and defense moves, the stealth bomber move, airborne attack drops and skydiving.


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